Thursday, 21 February 2013

Getting ready for the 'potting shed'....

Well the time has come to turn out attentions to our newly acquired garden, we bought our house one year ago & it has had a few surprises up its sleeve as far as the amount of work it needed goes (To say the least) however after much blood sweat & tears the house is almost complete so we are looking at the garden now....It isn't huge by any means but bigger than our previous yard which was a lovely victorian terrace house & a very lovely yard but not great for growing veggies!!
You would think having Urban Eden Landscaping  tackling our own garden would be an easy job but it isn't, we are so lucky to see so many lovely ideas & different materials that it is so hard to decide what to do! The house we have bought is a small cottage so it will be a more traditional garden with a few contemporary touches, I know I want a lovely potting shed/summer house at the end of the garden & I want the soft landscaping to have a 'potager' feel, mixing lots of veg & herbs in with the flowers & climbers so an idea is emerging I suppose!
So here is a pic of our VERY blank canvas, there isn't one plant in the garden!! Apart from an Elderflower which has self seeded & is growing out of the wall & knocking it over!!

First job for Col before the birds start to nest is to get rid of the Elderflower tree which has self seeded (though it pains me so to get rid of any tree) the wall is about to fall down!

Our garden is our weekend project (well our sunday project really as we work Saturdays) so it will be a slow process but I will keep popping updates on the blog xx

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